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Wilderness garden route farm for sale, Western Cape.

This 80 hectare property is unique in that it offers a combination of a variety of aspects which are highly appealing.

The property is situated 3km from the N2 highway with access to George and its airport 20 minutes away and 35 minutes from Knysna. The property lies between Wilderness and Sedgefield.

2. SPECTACULAR AND BREATHTAKING VIEWS are presented when looking from the elevated levels of the property:
- SOUTH over the Wilderness Lakes system (hence the name of the property) and wetlands (parts of the Wilderness National Park) to the sea  approximately 4 km away.
- NORTH over the Klein Keurbooms River gorge with cliffs, waterfalls and indigenous forest to the Outenique Mountains.
- EAST over forest and wooded farmlands and lakes past the hamlet of Rondevlei to the Tzizikama mountains.
- WEST over the Duiwe River forested canyon (part of the Wilderness  National Park) and village of Hoekwil to the George mountain peaks and  the Mossel Bay coastline.

The nature of the property is undulating and highly varied. Prominent  topographical features include cliffs, canyons, valleys, hills, pastures and fields, a river with waterfalls and pools.

Approximately a third of the property is under old pasturage which could readily be restored.

Approximately two thirds of the property is occupied by natural bush and indigenous  forest. This together with the varied nature of the topography has  resulted in a wide variety of wild life being present. The above, together with the fact that the property is surrounded on three sides by the Wilderness National Park and on the other by forested farmland,  ensures that the wildlife remains abundant.

The following animals  frequent the property and are observed on a regular basis: bushbuck,  bush pig, lynx, monkeys, baboons, honey badger, porcupine, otters, mongoose, and genet cat.

Many species of local and migratory birds abound and an extremely high percentage of the local raptors are seen  over the property. Fish eagles may be observed resting in the tall  yellowwood trees in the indigenous forest.

One special feature of the property is the fact that the stretch of river valley and gorge on  the property with its deep pools and tall indigenous forest can only be  accessed by road from the farm resulting in an isolate and private  natural paradise.

Annual approval for the  building of a maximum of six dwellings has been granted on a number of  occasions and although this has lapsed it is understood that this would be readily granted again. There is a wide choice of potential private  building sites which would not break the skyline and yet maintain the availability of spectacular view sites.

There  is a 150 square metre 3-bedroomed, 2-bathroomed house of timber construction. The house has breathtaking views from the main rooms.

Various outbuildings include a barn, sheds and three workers’ cottages which are all in a derelict state however.

Previously preliminary approval was obtained from the local authorities, Department of Nature Conservation National Parks Board and South Cape  District Council, for the submission of an application for the subdivision of two 5.5 hectare plots from the farm, bordering on the gravel road on the south. The application however was never pursued.

George Municipality’s Town Planning confirmed that consent use for one main  house plus 5 additional dwellings is still in place and does not need re-application.

Domestic water for the house is  collected in an adjacent rain water tank. Water can also be pumped from the Klein Keurbooms River which flows through the property however this  water is not potable and would need filtration.

An extensive system of farm roads provides access to the main areas of the property including the river.

ELECTRICITY – the house is serviced by a 3 phase 2 KVA supply and the remainder of the property is bisected by a three-phase supply line from which take off points could be readily accessed.
TELEPHONE –a main telephone service bisects the property which also allows extra ready access.

The property is situated in the heart of the Garden Route, a resort area with a wide variety of outdoor leisure activities including water  sports, boating, deep sea fishing, many nature and hiking trails in the  indigenous forests and along the coast, bird watching (very close proximity to the Malacite bird hide on Langvlei), horse riding, paragliding, cycling and several golf courses etc. There are many  kilometres of unspoilt sandy beaches and in winter whale watching is an added bonus.

A number of excellent primary and high schools are situated in George.

Between Wilderness and Sedgefield.

Climate :

Wilderness normally receives about 684mm of rain per year, with rainfall occuring  throughout the year.. It receives the lowest rainfall (38mm) in June and the highest (79mm) in March. The monthly distribution of average daily  maximum temperatures shows that the average midday temperatures for Wilderness range from 18.7°C in July to 27.8°C in January. The region is the coldest during July when the mercury drops to 6.8°C on average during the night.

Selling price 7 250 000 ZAR + 5% byers comission incl. 19% VAT

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